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He ran up a debt of £480 with my daughter last summer, in Bochum. Promised faithfully to repay it, in full, the INSTANT he could.

Come November, he changed his tune - quite possibly assisted by someone well known as an unscrupulous, dishonest little snake, who is his 'best mate' on another blogging site - and started blustering, accusing my daughter of ridiculous things, trying to wriggle out of repayment. So I posted here on the matter.

His mother weighed in - had been pointed in the direction of this LJ by Someone.
In accordance with her wishes, I removed previous posts on this subject. Daughter complied with other demands made on her by the debtor and his mother. We didn't have to, but we did, in order to be as civilised as possible about this matter.

Repayment of the amount owed by monthly payments of £20 each was agreed, to start in January 07.

And hey, guess what.

You're five months in arrears, buster.

He hasn't made a single payment.

Legally, the debt is between my daughter and his mother, as he was 17 and a minor at the time he incurred the debt - but apparently without her knowledge and consent, er well that's not our problem actually. The debt is legally valid, it's money my daughter NEEDED for the run-up to Christmas and had to do without. Unfortunately, she's not feeling emotionally strong enough to deal with the recovery of the money herself - her emotional state makes her very reluctant to assert her rights in situations like this, and she's very easily intimidated by angry, loud, wordy people. As our debtor is well aware.

However, there are ways around this nasty situation. Internet-based ways. It won't just be forgotten, you can bet on that.
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