Dec. 29th, 2005 09:31 pm
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I now have two completed, assembled,fully functional wooden boxes, each holding nine pull-out drawers some 11" x 3" x 3". Whoopee. It only took two hours to screw/nail that lot together! Three more boxes to go. Then I have the fun of painting/staining them, and figuring out what tools/equipment/supplies will go in which. And where they'll be placed on the steel shelving. By the time Himself visits again (likely to be some weeks at this rate), my workshop will be clutter-free and logically laid out, with all tools etc. immediately to hand.

Because nothing can be hung on the workshop walls - they're rather brittle breezeblock and screws/rawlplugs just pull straight out - all the storage has to be free-standing. Yay for Dexion shelving! Gigantic, functional Meccano... there's a lot of stuff needs throwing out though, really DOES need throwing out, I'll have to get ruthless with it.

It is BITTER cold tonight. 28F - that's about, oh, -2C for young'uns and Europeans - we have all windows and curtains firmly closed, heating on, wood fire burning, and we're still only JUST warm enough. The old wood floors of this house kinda let the cold strike up from below, even through properly insulated and backed carpets. Wrench has now got the hang of the bow saw (for sawing logs to length) and the hatchet (for splitting them into kindling). I showed her the proper techniques and she's practised all afternoon. Yay for Girl Guide training (mine)! She understands about putting the kindling on radiator tops to dry out so it'll burn well. Hey, if she's going to be a pyrophilic, she might as well be a knowledgeable, competent, and responsible pyrophilic. And big old logs sawn/split down burn slowly, with considerable heat, and are far safer than rafts of paper. Phew!

'House' is on. The girls love it. I watch a few minutes now and then. Yes, Hugh Laurie is quite deliciously complicated, attractive, and repulsive all at once. He's even mastered an American accent rather well. I don't know... something about the personalities, the weekly 'I am God and Don't You Forget It' tone of the plots... something fails to grab my attention.

The Cruiser didn't get cleaned today. The hose was frozen solid. Oh well, it'll wait. I've wiped the lights, mirrors, windows and plates clean. Belle has drawn a nifty little trophy with the words 'First Prize, Dirty Car 2005' written alongside. Gee thanks! The salt/muck layer is almost fluffy in texture once it's dried... really weird.

Anyway, nobody's driving anywhere tomorrow if it's snowing. Unless Wrenchy really, REALLY wants to gain experience of How To Drive In Snow. And that'll be in a parking lot somewhere... NOT the road.

Right, time to get on with these other Ikea storage boxes while I think of them. Yay!

My tinnitus is really loud today. My ears are RINGING at the highest pitch of the grindstone when sharpening the wood hatchet. It's quite tedious.
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