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Well, here we go again. Hello, world. Yes, I'm trying an alternative to LiveJournal, where I've had an account for almost exactly seven years. The latest LJ 'improvements' have removed my ability to comment on a number of my friends' posts, and my own posts as well, so here I am.

It'll be interesting to see how many, if any, of my LJ friends have blogs here.

Please feel free to add/comment at will. For now. As I find out more, I may alter the privacy settings, I might not stay around, who knows?

Oh, and Happy New Year's Eve, and Happy New Year.

Random observation:- I just watched the 1951 movie 'Hornblower', starring the gorgeous Gregory Peck. Very loosely based on the eponymous hero of C.S. Forester's books, it had the required Hollywood romance thickly smeared over a Ripping Yarn of wondrous improbability, but the music caught my ear. Surely... surely... pum-pa-paaaa...pa papapa pummmm.... 'the engines'll niver tak' it, Captain!' Yes, the first six notes of this noble theme are identical to TOS Star Trek. The lush orchestration was also eerily similar. For polystyrene boulders and ever-shrinking velour TOS uniforms, read backdrop with visible paintbrush marks, and wonderful toy sailships bobbing very unconvincingly on a dead calm surface... glorious stuff. Apart from the jaw-grittingly unlikely and inappropriate Romance element, of course.

Anyway, time to explore. A bientot, mes braves!


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